Unique DIY Mirror Frame with Used Plastic Spoons

unique diy frame mirror 1 Unique DIY Mirror Frame with Used Plastic Spoons

If you have a lot of plastic spoons used at home, you should not be discarded, you can use a plastic spoon to make unique mirror frame . Here it is a nice idea. You may use some plastic spoons in order to create a unique DIY mirror frame. This unique DIY mirror frame made of about 105 colored plastic spoons.

To make this unique DIY mirror frame with spoon is not too difficult, you need only an 18-inch round mirror, plastic spoons and a hot-glue gun. The idea is simply to put a generous dot of glue on the back of the base of the handle of each spoon and press it onto the mirror. The bowl of each spoon should sit just outside the mirror’s edge and the handle points toward the center.

In the end you will get wonderful results and draw, and people will appreciate your work in the use of used plastic spoons to make unique mirror frame. – via

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