The Best Condo Interior Design for Comfortable Living

The Best Condo Interior Design 1 The Best Condo Interior Design for Comfortable Living

The Best Condo Interior Design

Your condo search is over – congratulations! Whether you settled on a luxury condo or a more affordable condo, it is now time to transform the bare rooms into a place you can call home. Decorating a condo is not much different than decorating a house, but it does offer a few unique challenges. Condos are often smaller than houses and have less storage space, but a few quick decorating tricks and you will not notice the difference.
1. Fool the Eye. Your goal in this case is to make the space you have look larger. Check your condo floor plan and measure carefully before starting this project. The best place to begin is your great room – most condos have one large room instead of separate living room and family room. Despite the name, condo great rooms can be small. Install mirrors to bring in light and make the room look brighter. A mirror over a fireplace will accomplish the same goal.
2. Think Light. Keep your window treatments light in color. Very light or sheer curtains are probably your best bet to make the room look larger. Dark curtains will hide the light and can make the room feel small and cave-like. Similarly, paint the walls a light, neutral color with the ceilings one shade lighter than the walls. This will make a small room seem to open up.
3. Bring in Color. After you painted your walls, it is time to bring color into your condo. Light and neutral colors on the walls make it easier to sell a condo in the future, but they are not fun to look at every day. Accessorize your rooms with bright pillows and linens. Not only will it bring that splash of color you want, pillows, linens and other accessories can be changed more easily than wall color.

The Best Condo Interior Design 2 500x375 The Best Condo Interior Design for Comfortable Living

The Best Condo Interior Design Living Room

4. Choose the Right Rug. Area rugs are an inexpensive and easy way to brighten up otherwise bland carpet. Like the walls, neutral colored carpet makes the condo easier to sell, so consider using a few area rugs to make the space more livable. Before you purchase an area rug, consider how much you want to spend on furniture. If you plan to stick with basic furniture styles, splurge on your rug.
5. Manage Your Furniture. Small, functional pieces are the best choices for condos. Tables with clear glass tops and double duty furniture will make your space look larger while using every square foot you have smartly. Look for ottomans with hidden storage or coffee tables with drawers under the table. You can put your television in an armoire with doors that close to quickly transform a living area to a dining room.

The Best Condo Interior Design 3 500x375 The Best Condo Interior Design for Comfortable Living

The Best Condo Interior Design Red Bedroom

6. Limit Clutter. If you are moving from a home into a condominium, it is time to de-clutter your life. You have a limited amount of space and you need furniture pieces that complement each other. Large sectionals will not fit well in a small living room and unnecessary furniture has got to go. Limiting clutter also means downsizing. Throw out 20 years worth of old paperwork and old or broken items that you keep meaning to fix. Everything that does not have emotional significance or is used frequently needs to be kept out of your new condo space.

The Best Condo Interior Design 4 500x375 The Best Condo Interior Design for Comfortable Living

The Best Condo Interior Design Green Office

7. Increase Storage. Any way you can find to increase storage will make the move an easy one. Stacked crates, more shelving and a few additional bookcases are the key to keeping your sanity when storage shrinks.
8. Make the Space Uniquely Yours. A few decorating techniques can make a condo stand out. Ceiling moldings, wainscoting and chair rails will all give your condo a unique flair. Try a few things to see what you like and figure out the best way to put a personal touch on your new home. Article Source: EzineArticles

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